• Factory Race Driver
  • Factory test / high performance development driver and product support developer / designer for a U.S car manufacturer.
  • Have a successful impact on our youth by introducing them to various opportunities, life experiences, hands on interactions and leading by example!  


Ascend professional motorsports’ esoteric beliefs and realities while exploring alternative measures to secure an attainable dream. 


Michai Stephens is a gifted and determined young man pushing towards the goal of becoming a professional Racing Driver. With a mission to secure a lifelong and impactful career, Michai has successfully identified his gift for driving and belief in his vision. From humble beginnings, Michai shares all of his life experiences, understandings and knowledge to those he instructs and mentors. Having learned how to use every single aspect of his life, Michai continues to add to the soul of his treasure chest. 

Michai Stephens

Phone: 847-461-3147