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When passion meets talent and talent meets opportunity the possibilities are truly endless! Becoming a sponsor of Michai’s professional racing endeavors is not only the support of one man but an association with an impactful ideology that transcends the multitude of markets in today’s society.

The love for motorsports is one that extends to the farthest regions of our world. A love strong enough to outshine the differences found in age, gender, race, culture, and demographics, with its deeply rooted popularity. Through its embodiment of the physical and mental limitations of our species. It is a graceful demonstration of both the present and future advancements in modern technology - Motorsports is our vessel into the future.

Michai’s journey is setting a standard often emulated but hardly duplicated. In credit to his unconventional start, modest upbringing and incredible rise to success. Michai aims to ensure that his supporters achieve their ultimate goals with proficiency, credibility, and success, through communication, respect, and dedication.

If you are in consideration of sponsorship, this is the environment, here is the story, and we are the future – Welcome to the team.

Michai Stephens

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